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:bulletblue:Ridiculously short & scrawny, big-eyed, long-nosed, with absolutely no chin to speak of.
:bulletblue:Inherently introverted, adores dark dark blue, rain, and winter.
:bulletblue:Natural science and history junkie.
:iconrontukid: --my childhood art              

Incredibly inspiring artists
Hey guys, this news brought to my attention via :iconaelith-earfalas:

Clip Studio Paint is on sale right now for four days, $15

Aelith previously showed me this awesome program while streaming--the hugest most amazing benefit is the 3D human models you can pose easily and dynamically to use as reference (many things to bend and rotate, 500000x better than those wooden dolls).  There's also pre-made poses you can choose from, zoom in and out of, etc etc.  It's really amazing.

In addition, it's a full on art program, a mix between Photoshop and Sai.
There's tons of other features you can check out here…
It's geared towards manga creation, so there's lots of features relating to that.

I freaking bought it for the 3D models alone cuz that is insane for only $15.
Hope this helps anyone!


for Bsumo! by rontufox
for Bsumo!
Toni for my friend Bsumo! :iconbulgariansumo:

1) If his hair looks too yellow, don't blame me, blame freaking stupid screens that always display differently.  Grr...
2) This is the FIRST TIME I've been able to draw his face right (and hair) and it feels like a miracle.

The sweater was real fun to draw!
for Mjay! by rontufox
for Mjay!
Drew Tanaka for my friend Mjay! (what's even your username?)

I always associate him with pink, I like it with that green hahaha.  
This was the most fun I've had in awhile!  Til I got to the eyes.  I'm really bad at getting irises right, but this was a nightmare (I redrew them.... five MILLION times).  But I'm really way too proud of that right arm haha!

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Neat gallery! Please never stop drawing, you're wonderful at it. :huggle:

- Ghost
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Wow, dang, thank you so much!  Thank you for dropping by my gallery, and leaving this comment!
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Hey, what up!
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