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February 28, 2012
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collab thumbnail, wip by rontufox collab thumbnail, wip by rontufox
This is NOT the finished collab! Just wanna make that clear cuz I think I confused a few people, whoops~
This is a cropped wip of the collab I'm doing with *Aerobian-Angel
Here's the entire line art I'm in the process of coloring :iconaerobian-angel:
I posted this yesterday cuz I'm a little baby upset at my own slowness :XD:
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NkoGnZ Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Preview for an epic collab, why the tease man! :XD:

Nah, just kiddin' about the tease, take yer time because this one already looks good, and you know, good things take time indeed!
Looking forward to the full kickass version! :w00t:
Eheheh, I'll make you watchers suffer with me!
Haha jk :XD: Thanks! I'm trying to take my time but still not take forever, haha!
RiotaiPrower Mar 3, 2012  Professional Artist
This looks amazing enough to be a stand-alone image in itself. I can already tell the final colored version is going to look incredible! Can't wait to see it.
sapphii Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist
Even if its a WIP, this just looks way too awesome ;A;
You're way too awesome. :flirty:
Wait whut.

Thanks! Even though I was being a cry baby when I put this up, I'm glad to be getting such great feedback from you guys =) I feel revitalized to work on it again.
sapphii Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist
Eee your welcome <3

By the way, while sifting through my sapphisonikku email adress, I found this kind of old email (which I apologize for not noticing it a while ago :forgiveme:) from you saying that I was the reason you wanted to go to Sonic Boom. I just wanted to thank you for that email, after reading it, it really made me feel so much better, especially since I've been feeling like the most worthless thing ever lately ;A; Loved reading it~ :heart:
Aw crud, please excuse what an idiot I am. The moment I read this, I remembered you had given me a different email that you check more often, but I forgot and used the old one :shakefist:
No worries at all. I didn't expect a response, just for it to be read and hopefully be helpful. And I'm glad it was.
I know ultimately I'm just some random stranger on the net, but there are some people here I've associated with for so long on dA that I of course become involved with their well-being. You are one of those people.
I usually avoid offering a shoulder cuz it understandably makes people think I'm pompous for assuming I'm even a bit close to them (plus I suck at comforting people anyway) so that's why all I've ever attempted with you was that email. But if you ever get possessed for whatever reason to contact me about stuff dragging you down, it will not inconvenience me in the least. You don't have to ever take the offer, I just want it open to you.
Please take care :heart:
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